Fall sunshine

Heartwarming is fall sunshine! 

People enjoying the gorgeous sunshine at Sheep Meadow garden in Central Park

I dance in the fall sunshine
doodling over my shadow
the tiny me smiles at the big me

I lay still in the fall sunshine
enriching the being in me
letting the positive take over the rest

I dare to dream in the fall sunshine
I dream of all that I want to be
the small, the big, the innocent, the devil

I adore the fall sunshine
a feast for the inner soul
I sit in Sukhasana inhaling-exhaling
enduring, liberating

Red, orange hues is Fall sunshine
spectacular, marvelous, stupendous

Fall sunshine
a time to connect with the world
to celebrate, to cherish
to enjoy till it lasts

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Tennis coach, urban parks blogger, nature lover, sun worshipper and a music buff.

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