Farewell beloved autumn

Farewell beloved autumn till we cross paths again. ~ Hints Of Life

Leafless trees braced against the late autumn chill in New York

Like golden feathers they lay
life lost with such grace
how noble are their deeds
giving others a reason to smile and rejoice

Behold the golden spectacle
life lost in such splendor
let me bid farewell to beloved autumn
until life sprouts again
teaching us the lesson

never to give up
never lose hope, believe in self
and have faith

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Wordless Wednesday

How blessed we are to be witness to the joys of nature. ~ Hints Of Life

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Sunset state of mind

capture the sunset in my eyes,
conjuring the thoughts and feelings brought by daily life,
counting my blessings for this beautiful life

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Wordless Wednesday

A lone man in the light of the glowing moon, giving perspective to the quiet, somber evening. ~ Hints Of Life

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Wordless Wednesday

A lamp post illuminates the gulmohar tree (Royal Poinciana) under autumn’s fading light. ~ Hints Of Life

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Wordless Wednesday

Famously fragrant and beautiful white frangipani (Plumeria alba), autumn’s darling. ~ Hints Of Life

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Autumn evenings

Clear evening skies, 
a sprinkle of burnt red and gold,
drifting away under my feet,
whispering the name autumn ~ Hints Of Life

A first sign of autumn in the neighborhood

Childhood memories of cool, misty September evenings are etched in my mind. How mama would have our light cardigans drycleaned sometime early in the month. Like the other young mothers she would be prepared for the change of season. This year though September feels more like a summer month. Gone are the days when the John Keats ode to autumn – ‘Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness‘ – felt so befitting for this time of the year. Still it warms the heart to see the leaves of the mellow garden tree turn a burnt red and yellow. A sign of the arrival of autumn.

September walks are delightful. There against the evening sky resplendent in gold is the mellow garden tree. Standing under its canopy I wait patiently to witness the magical autumn moment, the slow falling leaves, the fall foliage to come. It’s a tradition to collect a handful of autumn leaves in my copper basket, a reminder of nature’s lessons on life and existence. We come into this world for a short while, play our roles and vanish eventually into the cosmos to unite with the universe.

The mellow garden tree leaf in its autumn glory

It is pure joy to see a cluster of yellow mellow leaves changing color. Standing out among the green pine trees, they create a beautiful vista for onlookers.

Autumn resplendent in burnt red and yellow

And then the mind turns to the prospect of those misty, cooler days when the sun will beam weak on my face, my breath fogging the car windows. Snug, cozy nights, reading glasses, a cup of tea. Do share below your autumn stories. How has it been so far for you?

Signing off with best autumn wishes! 😊

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A September moonrise

To the moon I bare my soul 
under its glowing light
the longings of my heart come alive ~ Hints Of Life

Moonrise in Chandigarh, northern India

Living in the foothills of the Himalayas is an extraordinary feeling. The undulating hills visible from the hustle and bustle of the city are the Shivaliks, a range of the outer Himalayas. The autumn moonrise and its sunsets are beautiful to watch.

I’m such a ‘look at the moon’ person, a confirmed selenophile. The picture above was taken as I was walking my baby girl to the nearby park (her coos are louder and more full hearted there). A beautiful evening just after the rains, the breeze cool, birds making their way, a game of cricket in play on the street.

Through the labyrinth I set my eyes ahead, and there it was the moon rising under the fading daylight even as the hymns from the temple started to be heard. A sign of momentary nightfall.

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A September Sunset

Do you know what makes my heart happy? Watching this beautiful September sunset after a rainy day. ~ Hints Of Life

It’s magical to see the night clouds emerge as the orange sunset hues paint the skyline in Chandigarh, North India.

Note from the blogger: I embark on my blogging journey as a mother of a 4 month old daughter. For now I blog from India. Check out this space for beautiful pictures and heartfelt content from the beautiful country India.

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Wordless Wednesday


A fiery June sunset seen over the horizon in Northern India.


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